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The Bivvy Hammock

The Molly Mac Gear Bivvy Hammock is derived from the Mors Scarf, by Mors Kochanski. It is a hammock, a breathable bivvy sack, an emergency coverall, a scarf, and more!

We used to call it the Western Hammock, or the  Desert Hammock
, or the Survival Hammock, because you can use it as a hammock with trees, or as a bivvy sack under a tarp without trees. So, we settled on The Bivvy Hammock.

If you know how to pitch your tarp on the ground, using hiking poles, then this hammock/bivvy will serve you well in many different types of terrain. I wish we had them in Big Bend National Park, where the Chisos Mountains offerred good places to hang, but the desert back country was completely devoid of trees.

Molly Mac Gear Shamu, Baby Orca and Jerry Chair synthetic underquilts, with silnylon outer layers, complement the Survival Hammock well in temperatures above freezing. They insulate your hammock in the air, as well as on the ground. With this combination of Molly Mac Gear, it is no longer necessary to carry a foam pad just in case you have to go to ground.

The Survival Hammock is 60" wide and 11' long. Construction is dual layer, ripstop nylon with a full width 18" noseeum window, and loops for staking down the corners and holding up the bugnet. There is a 4' opening between the two layes on each side. Each of the two layers are made with 1.1  oz. ripstop nylon, good for folks who weigh not much more than 200 pounds.

Our prototype hammock, featured in the videos, was narrower and shorter. We increased the dimensions of The Bivvy Hammock to accomodate larger people and a wider range of hanging styles.

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VIDEO: The Bivvy Hammock
VIDEO: Mollly Mac Gear Bivvy Hammock
VIDEO: 4 Uses of The Bivvy Hammock

Hammock,                                                Bugnet Hammock,                                 Bivvy Sack                                                 and Garment!
Hammock Mode   Bugnet Hammock Mode   Bivvy Sack Mode   Garment Mode

Visit the Molly Mac Gear Store to order this item online

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